Posted time April 10, 2023 Location Erode Job type Full Time

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Job Description:

Electrical Supervisors are knowledgeable electricians who manage and supervise a team of electricians. They offer the team direction and assistance in terms of technical matters while they erect, maintain, and fix the building’s electrical system. They are in charge of managing employee training and scheduling as well as making sure that safety standards and compliance guidelines are followed. They also have responsibilities for equipment upkeep and troubleshooting. They need to be knowledgeable on the electrical setup of the structure and capable of troubleshooting the relevant gadgets. It is crucial to have a solid understanding of electrical and circuits layouts. Electrical Supervisors must be available for crises involving electricity, hence they must be ready to work odd hours.

Since the Electrical Supervisor is in a leadership position, they should be conversant with the roles of the team they are managing. Electronics-related prior experience is typically required of electrical supervisors. Depending on the type of facility and the particulars of the electrical system, the job’s exact responsibilities will vary, but they will always call for a candidate with good interpersonal skills and a broad technical background. Because the electrical systems in all large buildings are intricately connected, the career outlook for an electrical supervisor is positive and expanding.

Review all electrical drawings with Leadmen working on assigned jobs to them. Refer issues requiring changes. Assign job tasks and work in accordance with electrical project schedules. Stimulate fabrication standards to ensure quality work is achieved by assigned staff. Recruit, guide, train, monitor, and terminate assigned employees as necessary. Recommend effective solutions with specific weight related to employment status of.

Create a list of equipment and appliance maintenance priorities and schedules.

Create projections for labor and electrical material.

Employees should be trained and made aware of new work practices.

Information on changes to work policies, safety rules, electrical codes, and specifications should be provided.

Examine the designs of new construction and audit existing structures to ensure they adhere to maintenance requirements and current electrical codes.


Inspect both renovations and innovative construction.

Support the design requirements of electrical engineers.

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